Message 5



  • Outside Scavenger Hunt for 7 to 12 years old. Find a park or vast wild area and accompany your child to find these treasures. 🙂 Want to add some magic to it? Print off this sheet, and burn the edges to make it look like a magical lost scroll.


  • Another song to learn to sing!

”Let the sun shine down and warm my bones,
let the birds and the bees come and take me home,
cause I’m a Wild One now made of wind and rain,
I’m wild and I ain’t coming back again.”



  • Here’s a great article on starting seedlings at your home for your garden (in french only).




  • Build and prepare your own Emergency COVID-19 GO-BAG! If you had to leave the house in 30 seconds, having a bag ready with various things you’d need for an extended stay on the road, or at a hospital could be really helpful for you and your family. Check out Arndell’s COVID-19 emergency go-bag.


  • Ran out of toilet paper? Don’t worry! Rags and water are to the rescue ! Check out this video by Woniya Thibeault. Make the rags, prepare the set up, and your toilet paper scarcity fears are resolved! Save trees, use rags.



    One of our staff shared a good reflection the other day with our teen crew, who have taken to gathering once a week online. Something like:


What’s the difference between a schedule and a routine? Do we really need to be adhering to a strict schedule right now, or can we focus on honing good routines? And to do that, let’s look at the principles behind the routines we want. What are the qualities of moments that we would like to have in our day? Around when-ish would like to connect to those qualities? If we can be clear on these things, maybe we’ll have a day that flows like a wild animal does- calm and cool and collected, achieving all that we need to, without the potentially manic stress of a clock and the pressure that it risks weighing us down with. What makes an ideal morning? Maybe: some quiet alone time, some exercise, some helping out with the family. What are the elements of your ideal day? When are we ready to soak in some media/news? When do we need to not have our brains have that info bouncing around?