Financial Assistance

*** Application for Financial Assistance for our Summer Camps is over! ***

We are doing our best at the moment not to let finances get in the way of people’s participation. We are a social enterprise; we so far have not turned anyone away for purely financial reasons, and we raise money every year through fundraising events and activities in order to keep our programs accessible. We are very grateful for all of the support from caring donors, and want to honor the gifts they give us.

That being said, we can only give our work the energy it deserves by making ends meet for our staff and infrastructure, as well as covering the costs associated to keeping us safe and lawful. Our scholarship funds are limited.
We wish that support goes to where it is most needed: for folks and families who have a sincere financial need and who truly value this unique outdoor education opportunity.

Please consider these things as you answer the following questions IN THIS FORM.

If you would like to contribute and help make nature connection, heart-centered leadership-building, ecological stewardship, and wilderness adventures more economically accessible to families in need, please consider purchasing this musical collection we put together! All profits go towards our financial assistance program!