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Nature Mentor Training

Winter 2023

Field Ecologist

Winter 2023

Wildlife Tracking Principles

Winter 2023

The Forest

Winter 2023

Fireflies Program

Fall 2022

Skills Workshops

Winter 2023

Tracking & Nature Club

Fall 2022

North Star Program

Fall 2023


My journey at Coyote Programs began when I first saw [CP Director] Steve make a coal with a hand drill. It sparked a deep desire in me to acquire this magical skill. When I had finally signed up for the North Star and the Nature Mentorship Training, it came with additional practices such as gratitude giving, communal singing, awareness games and sit spots … practices that had nothing to do with making a fire and in which I had no interest. This was a classic trickster coyote trap. By the end of this spring, gratitude giving, awareness training and sit spots had begun to work a profound change in the way I function in nature AND in the city. I realized that primitive skills are a misnomer. Calming your mind, training your awareness, staying positive when facing challenges are life skills that are timeless. They are as much a necessity today as they were 20,000 years ago. The experience I had at Coyote has greatly enriched my life and I highly recommend it to anyone. And yes, I finally made a coal with a hand drill!!!

- Faiyaz Hasan, Apprentice, Nature Mentor and North Star graduate

Nature Mentor Training enriched the way I play outdoors with my children. It gave me the confidence I needed to go outdoors more regularly with children, as a teacher, parent or neighbor. The program taught me how to have fun at the park in any weather, and now I can more easily transmit that enthusiasm to kids! Most importantly, I now notice nature everywhere (even in the city!) and how youth are very interested in learning more…but not necessarily from a textbook.”

- Muriel Bontemps, mother, teacher, Nature Mentor and North Star graduate

“Last year I had an amazing time completing the Nature Mentor Training with Coyote Programs. It was an adventurous and joyful community experience. I have always felt deeply connected to the natural world, and through this program, the scope of my knowledge deepened. I learned to identify plants, and was challenged in adapting to different weather conditions. Building a stronger connection with the natural world has had a tremendously positive impact on my mental health and well-being. As I learn about the many living things around me, and better understand my connection to them, I feel increasingly less isolated. If you’re looking for an extra push or motivation to get outdoors, and to challenge yourself, I can’t recommend Coyote Programs highly enough!

- Participant, 2016

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