This is a trilingual collection of songs by members of our Coyote Programs community and close friends. It’s a celebration of nature and the gifts and inspirations that it brings.

”The wind blows…” refers to the grounding reminders that nature offers during challenging times, and also to a really fun game we played with participants in our programs this past summer. Please click on the song details for more about the songs and the artists.

Proceeds from sales will go to support our financial assistance offerings for people who need help to access our outdoor mentoring programs.

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The album was mastered at Backward Clock Sound by award winning producer and multi-disciplinary artist Jeremy Costa.

Cover art by Bronwen Moen.

Album credits:

  1. À travers moi- Kyra Shaughnessy

Kyra Shaughnessy (ukulele, drum, voice) and Benoit Converset (stand up bass)


  1. Que le Soleil Vienne – Muriel et Cleo

Traduit par Benoit Bernard, Muriel et les parents d’une programme familiale.

Chanté par Muriel Bontemps et Cleo Dafonseca

Chanson originale:  ‘Wild Ones’ par Sage Stanzler


  1. Cherches les tiques + Check for ticks – Steve et Diego

Paroles français: Steve Leckman, English words by Diego Cabezas-Watson

Concept by Diego, melody and original song by Raffi (Brush your teeth)


  1. Row your boat medley – Meghan Riley et Steve

Meghan Riley and Steve Leckman (songs are traditional and remixed)

Row your boat verse mentions the Two-Row-Wampum treaty and the Dish with One Spoon treaty. For more:

‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ verse : Eensy Weensy Spider, from Cozy, Shakta Khalsa, Radiant Child Yoga,


  1. Be Kind – Kate Sutherland


  1. Corn Bread song – Kawisente and Amelia McGregor




Neseni i kwawakekas



Onkwehonwe ranonni

La pain de maïs est rond

Le pain de maïs est fait par des vraies personnes

The cornbread is round shaped

The cornbread is made by true beings


  1. Between my toes – Nikki Satira


  1. C’est bien mieux comme ça – Muriel et amis

Écrit par : Muriel Bontemps


  1. Animal Activity + Aventures des animaux – Meghan and friends

Écrit par : Meghan Riley


  1. Qui Quoi Quand Où – Patrick Gravel et amis

paroles et musique: Patrick Gravel (Pipo)

Voix: Alice Lamontagne, Alix Pugeaut ( ), Alexandra Mygale Desrosiers et Patrick Gravel

Tambour:  Alexandra Mygale Desrosiers


  1. Climb on up that hill – Eleuthera Diconca-Lippert

Eleuthera Diconca-Lippert


  1. Around Me – Stefanie and friends

Words and music by Stefanie Dimitrovas

Sung by Stef and Sarah Daw-Girard, Meggie Canuel Caron

Bass by Hubert Gonthier-Blouin


  1. Morning Light – Meghan and Steve

Words and music by Meghan Riley. Song for a new baby


  1. Feels like home- Emma Anders and the Forest Fairies


  1. Bear Song – Kawisente and Amelia McGregor


Tosa seksa a

Tesa sotho

Okwari tare


Ne pleure pas petit enfant, l’ours arrive et il danse

Dont cry little child the bear is coming and is dancing


  1. Pays des Sapins – Patrick Gravel et Jolyane LaMontagne


  1. Don’t blame nothing on the rain – Stefanie

Lyrics by David McComber and Stefanie DimitrovasMusic by Stefanie Dimitrovas


  1. Fiya – Eleuthera Diconca-Lippert

Eleuthera Diconca-Lippert


  1. Wake up to what you are – Kate Sutherland


  1. Temagami – Nikki Satira