North Star Program – Level 2

“The Bush is not for or against you… I shall shelter myself from wind, rain or snow and build a fire to warm up. I will not let fear or panic rule my mind as this only works against me.”

– Mors Kochanski –

Shelter, fire, water, food – we see these topics as arts that have so much to offer us. If you’ve done the North Star Program, you know what we are talking about. How will you show up? How can we help you to take this to the next level?

North Star – level 2 is for people who have already completed a season of the regular North Star Program and are looking to go deeper, receive more guidance and practice. You will be placed in moments of leadership to share what you have learned.

This course involves:

  • Participating in the North Star level 1 days, and receiving extra missions specific to your interests and abilities (tool care, helping present on topics you are fluent in the basics of, surprise challenges)
  • Completing an independent research-based project that will be shared with the community.
  • Having a survival challenge campout that’s tailored to the skill level of North Star – Level 2 participants.
  • Receiving tailored coaching to the skills and interests you have during the North Star class time and through regular emails / scheduled phone calls.
  • Showing up 30 minutes earlier on most days to help with preparations for the day

Research project:

Test your skills and share your experience with the community!

Study and explore a topic or skill of your choice and share your learnings with the group! How much water can you collect by rubbing a piece of cloth against wet grass? Can you light a fire with a giant bow drill? Or a mini bow drill? Test 3 different types of shelters! Study how to keep your body heat in a pile of leaves! Choose a topic and share your experience with the community!

You will be asked to make a presentation (10 to 20 minutes) about your project. It can be told through story form or as a course.


Arndell LeBlanc, Kawisente McGregor, David McComber, community members as well as special guest instructors.

Schedule and Location:

The program will take place at Kawisente’s backyard in Kahnawake. We will be going to a wilderness site for the final trip (location to be determined).

The program will take place on the following days from 10am to 4pm and here are the topics we will cover:

  • Theory and Fundamentals
  • Edible and Medicinal Plants Workshop
  • ToolCraft, Bushcraft and FieldCraft
  • Fire Workshop
  • Survival Shelters Workshop
  • Skill honing ( Adapted Skill day based on group needs )
  • Expedition ( Offsite )


$700 + tx
It is possible to pay in multiple installments through our registration platform.

Get ready to get your hands dirty! We want this to be a precious and unforgettable experience. Having routine time to “skill it up” with others can really root these skills and connections deeply in all of us.

A welcome package will be sent a week before the first day of the program with specific details.

Stay tuned for registration!

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