Youth Programs

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our activities for the Winter/Spring 2021 season are cancelled. We thank you for your understanding. Please contact us if you have any question!

Year-round nature connection programs for 4 to 17 years old!

We will continue to use the COVID-19 guidelines provided by the ACQ that we have successfully implemented this past summer at our Summer Camps.

What we get up to:

Some of the culture-building routines we practice:

  • Sharing sincere gratitude
  • Storytelling
  • Setting goals in community
  • Setting peace-keeping community agreements
  • Opening and using all of our senses
  • Practicing being quiet and observant in the forest
  • Making music together
  • Following our passions to the lessons they will lead us to!

Some of the activities we will do:

  • Friction fire
  • Finding the tracks and signs of wildlife
  • Learning how to listen for the language of birds
  • Practicing being sneaky and camouflaged like animals
  • Edible and medicinal plants
  • Mapping the land
  • Tarp and knot skills
  • Crafts with natural materials such as basket-making
  • Navigation and lost-proofing
  • Natural shelter building
  • Playing awesome games inspired by nature
  • …and much more!


*** Please note that all our activities are adapted to be in complete accordance with the By-law concerning parks under the jurisdiction of the city council of the city of Montréal. We invite you to learn the rules specific to the Montreal parks you like to spend time in with your family. Following these by-laws we will all be doing our part to support the ecological health and safety of our precious wild spaces. ***


“I just wanted to thank all the leaders of this program for the beautiful session my son had. I really was touched by the peaceful energy of the entire group and feel so grateful that my child can grow in the presence of heart-based people! Thank you and I look forward to more!!!”
– Kristen, mother of a participant

“My daughter absolutely adored the Chickadees program. It just so happened to fall on a Monday so all week long she’d ask, “is it Monday yet?” Paige had many favorite moments from her fall session, from finding animals, to story time, and even the occasional mud bath! My favorite things about the program are the knowledgeable and caring staff and volunteers and the great friendships that my daughter was able to forge over the past 8 weeks. Keep up the great work!”
– Jenn, mother of a participant

“I feel brave and like I can be in the woods safely. And also what I like at programmes coyotes is building shelters and making fires and playing games. I feel super happy in the woods. I appreciate when Jesse, Steve, Benoit and other people help me with the things I want to do like collecting bark for shelter and climbing. When they help people and other kids, it makes me want to help others too.”
– Ezra, age 7

“I love being around the trees at Kawisente’s because I like their bright green leaves. In the winter I love being around the trees because when the trees hold snow, they are still so beautiful… Coyote Programs is helping me learn to not give up when I’m climbing, or walking an adventure, also to practice listening to others when we share the talking stick. It’s important to listen so we don’t interrupt other people’s stories.”
– Clémence, age 6

Contact us if you have any questions or comments at: