Nature Mentor Training

”A long, long time ago, maybe two hundred thousand years ago, and in a few places still today, the native people who lived off their land schooled their children, but they did it invisibly. Our ancestors’ children didn’t go to school. School surrounded them. Nature was a living teacher. There were many relatives for every child and every relative was a mentor. Stories filled the air and ceremonies of gratitude filled mundane lives. Wouldn’t it brighten our horizons to see more of this kind of teaching in our suburbs and cities today?” – Ellen Haas

The Nature Connection Mentor Training is an opportunity for adults – teachers, educators, wilderness adventurers and/or parents – to reconnect with nature and learn ancient survival skills that connected us to the local flora & fauna. Participants will also learn valuable mentoring techniques to help foster a deep connection to nature in themselves and others, to help build resilience as well as a sense of place. One Saturday per month, plus two seasonal weekend retreats. 

Crafts, primitive survival skills, challenges, singing songs and stories: get ready for a wild adventure!

This program studies and follows the 8 shields deep nature connection model (, an international leader in mentoring and nature connection programs, based on the practices of earth peoples throughout the world.

Details and dates for 2018 – coming soon