Hunting Skills Course

Dates: August 4th to 7th, 2022
Price: 400$ + tx
Location: Papineauville
Arrival time: Arrive between 2pm and 6pm on Thursday and set up. We will orient you to the site, to the archery practice range, and we will gather formally at 7:30, with a fire and introduction. Friday and Saturday will run 9 – 5. Sunday we will end by 2pm, and we’ll need to be cleaned up and gone by 3pm.


Bow Hunting:

Hunting with a bow requires incredible amounts of skill, patience and presence. It brings together naturalist knowledge, movement, camouflage, heightened senses and awareness. It pushes us to grow in many ways and offers an opportunity for us to deepen our relationship with life, death and the responsibilities of taking the life of a wild creature.

As this program is not during hunting season, there will be no actual hunting during the course. You will learn some fundamental skills of hunting deer with a bow and arrow:
  • Hiking the land
  • Discussing tracks and signs
  • Set up
  • Strategy
  • Ecology
  • Safety

Our teacher:

Coyote Programs is incredibly pleased to be welcoming Skeet Sutherland as our lead instructor for this class. Skeet has been hunting whitetail deer in Ontario with primitive gear (a stick bow and self made arrows, as well as other hunting tools) for over 15 years, and he carries a deep reverence for life and commitment to stewardship. Skeet was an apprentice and instructor at Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School.  Today he teaches stewardship of the land by providing forest management services for landowners and teaching hunting and wilderness living skills to the general public.

Skeet hunts in Ontario, where the season is longer, more tags are accessible, and baiting is tightly regulated and not as popular as in Québec: circumstances that demand an intimate understanding of deer behaviour and a high level of hunting tactics.


More on his bio here.

Skeet will be accompanied by Steve Leckman, Coyote Programs director and bow hunter.


This course will be taught in English and will focus on White Tailed Deer.

Camping conditions will be rustic:
This course is for people who have experience camping. Be prepared to be autonomous for sleeping and eating outdoors. The facilities include a rustic campground in the woods- composting toilets, a few fire pits for cooking, and several large tarps set up in case of rain. We will be 150 meters from the parking area so be prepared to hike your camping gear in, and we’ll never be too far from the cars if you need to go back to get something. Bring plenty of simple food to cook over the fire and water. We can refill our jugs if need be. If you have a cooler, we can stash it in a nearby stream to keep it cool / we will have a few barrels available to help with this.
If you have a bow (self bow, compound or recurve) please bring it, as there will be some time to discuss archery gear and practice shooting.


Contact us if you have any questions or comments at: