Forest Schoolers Program

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

– W.B. Yeats –

This is a 2 day a week drop-off and bilingual program for homeschooling participants aged 7 to 10 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. A forest immersion program to play, learn and build community! This is meant to be a significant compliment to homeschooling families’ learning endeavours.

Forest Schoolers Program is designed to engage, inspire, and connect participants deeply with the wild world around and inside themselves. Our missions will be to take the observations and experiences we lived out on the land and understand the stories of life around us.


  • 1 day of forest adventures at a local park at Angrignon Park
  • 1 day of indoor time where we will offer some focused projects related to what we are experiencing outside, and the theme of the month.
  • From January to June, 2023
  • 1 campout
    • 3 days (2 night)
    • In May 2023
  • A small ratio of adult staff to participants (1:6)
  • The program size will be between 10 and 12 participants.
  • Numerous special guests who will teach and inspire on various subjects
  • Visits to Kawisente’s forest in Kahnawake to learn about her culture and the wilderness there

Program specifics:

On Tuesdays, the group will be meeting at Angrignon park to explore, learn various camping and survival skills, track animals, learn about the plants and birds, open their senses and gather observations and questions they will take to the classroom on Wednesdays. They will practice leadership and communication skills. They will work on passion based learning projects. They will also use this time to prepare for their camping trips.
On Wednesdays, we will meet at the Montréal Unitarian church and spend the day doing a blend of nature connection activities and focused learning. Our goal is to give participants an incredible and inspiring experience based on our powerful nature connection practices while at the same time developing various competencies that will deepen their understanding. We’ll look through field guides, work on special crafts and projets, conduct research and present. We’ll blend our hands-on field exploration subjects with various academic subjects, to help complement the homeschool journeys that these students are doing at home. 

We will send a short summary of what we did with the students each week, including some pictures and highlights, so you can keep track of the lessons and themes we are exploring. These summaries can be used for your documentation when submitting your learning projects for homeschool evaluations.

How will we approach bilingualism?


We are used to facilitating in both languages and have witnessed significant language development in an informal and relaxed setting. We are attentive to make sure no one feels left out, to build friendships and bonds that are beyond language barriers, and will emphasise vocabulary in English and French.

The forest days will be presented primarily in French. The classroom days will be presented primarily in English. Our staff are bilingual and will always be willing to translate if need be and happy to do so! ***


Program cost:


3050$ + tax  per participant for the Winter/Spring 2023 season.
15% sibling discount.
Installment plan available.
Financial assistance available here.



From January 2022 to June 2023
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Please sign up to the waiting list if you are interested! We will open up another group if we have enough participants.

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