Clay Workshop

From ancient weathered rocks and incredible natural processes, clay is formed! Clay has been in such a diversity of relationships with people around the world. From medicine, to crafts like endless forms of vessels, to building. Clay carries stories of the land and ecosystems it comes from, as well as stories of the cultures and techniques of those that made them. Join us for a weekend of transforming wild clay into functional art. We will go through the steps of identification, processing, hand-building, and transformation in a pit fire.

The camping conditions will be rustic! We will be cooking over a fire and we will be using a composting toilet. Bring your own camping materials, food and water. We will be parking some 250m from where we will be camping, so be prepared to hike in your gear.

Program cost:

150$ + tax


At a friends’ marvelous property in Papineauville, 7 minutes from Montebello.


September 17th to 19th, 2021

Arrive Friday evening for an opening activity by the fire at 8pm. The workshop will start on Saturday at 9am until 5pm, and Sunday from 9am to 3pm

We will send a welcome package 1 week before with directions and details!

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