Winter Wildlife Tracking

This is a 4 day course designed to deepen your knowledge of wildlife tracking. Montreal’s wilderness areas are home to incredible wildlife, such as deer, coyote, fisher, skunk, raccoon, beaver, mink, squirrel, so many birds and many others… Their tracks tell a fascinating story if you have the ability to accurately read them.
Coyote Programs director Steve Leckman is incredibly excited to offer this class, tracking is a deep passion of his and he loves watching students’ eyes light up to this hidden world and have successes. The small class size of 8 people will help make sure people get proper support to learn.
Some important gear you will need you should know about now: snow shoes, excellent outdoor gear that will keep you warm (that you’ve used before), pencil and paper (we will be stopping to journal tracks), a measuring tape, food, and warm beverages.

Some of the skills we will be exploring

  • Track aging
    • Tells us about when the tracks were made, and what weather patterns came before and after. 
  • Gait interpretation
    • Tells us about how the animal was moving (example: foraging calmly, escaping predation, moving cautiously, hunting…).
  • Trailing
    • Gives us an idea of how the animal was using the landscape to travel, and holds lessons of ecology and habitat.
  • Morphology
    • The morphology of a species’ clear track helps in identification and can help us learn about the individual.
  • Species’ unique behaviors and needs
    • Deepens our appreciation of their reasons for being where they were.
  • …And much more

Steve Leckman as well as special guest instructors.


Parc Nature L’anse à l’orme (In Montreal’s West Island) and surrounding areas. We will change locations depending on weather, but will consistently be in the West Island of Montreal.
The program will take place on the following days from 10am to 4pm:
  • February 6th
  • February 20th
  • March 6th
  • March 20th


$270 + tx

A Carpooling link will be sent out to organize transportation.

A welcome package will be sent a week before the first day of the program with specific details.

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