North Star

This bi-monthly program offers adults a chance to develop and hone their wilderness living skills. Instruction will be tailored around participants’ experience, abilities and interests.

If it is getting comfortable with starting a basic match fire, carving skills, setting up tarps and shelters, or if it is crafting a friction fire kit that you can use gracefully, or developing confidence in the art of safely gathering sufficient calories from the wilderness – this program is for you.

If you are new to camping and
living outdoors, this program is
designed to be a welcoming
initiation into these skill sets.

The program will end with a two-
night immersion experience in a
nearby wilderness area where we
will put our skills to the test



Kahnawake and an outdoor center for the final trip



Some of the topics covered:

  • Fire:
    • structures, types of fire, friction fire
  • Shelters, tarps, knot skills
  • Wild plants:
    • Edible & medicinal plants
  • Intro to wilderness first aid
  • Sensory awareness skills
  • Traditional survival tools
  • The art of staying warm in any weather
  • Teamwork!
  • Paddling skills fundamentals
  • …And much more

Get ready to get your hands dirty! We want this to be a precious and unforgettable experience. Having routine time to “skill it up” with others can really root these skills and connections deeply in all of us.

If you have already completed the North Star Program, we invite you to take the challenge further and try North Star – level 2! Click here to learn more!

A welcome package will be sent a week before the first day of the program with specific details.

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