Jays and Crows – Monthly Program

”Children know just how to wait: They wait by jumping up and down saying ”I can’t wait”.. ” – unknown 

Wander and adventure with us every month! A mixture of survival skills, explorations, games, group challenges and solo time immersed in nature.

Our staff has been developing this program for several years and we are excited to take it to the next level this season. This is a chance for youth ages 7- 9 (jays) or 10 – 13 (crows) to have a regular immersion time in wild nature and in community. Jays and crows meet together for the beginning and end of the day, and the two packs are invited to have their own adventures throughout the day.

Some of the potential activities that we’re excited about:

– Games inspired by nature
– Searching and researching natural treasures in the forest
– Storytelling and theater around the fire
– Emergency shelters made from forest debris
– Tarps and knot skills
– Friction fire and fire skills in all weather conditions
– Basic carving skills and knife safety
– Finding the tracks and signs of animals
– Communication and peace making skills
– … Among many others!

The youth will have the chance to test their resiliency, seek out mystery, play whole-heartedly in any weather, and to connect to the same place in the forest throughout the seasons. Staff will tailor the curriculum to the participants around their passions and personal challenges.

Kawisente McGregor’s beautiful backyard forest in Kahnawake


At our friend Valerie’s house on Boul. Gouin which has access to Parc L’Anse à L’Orme.

Kahnawake: One Saturday per month, 9am – 3pm
Winter / Spring 2018 – February 3rd, March 3rd, April 7th, May 5th

West Island: One Saturday per month, 9am – 3pm
Winter / Spring 2018 – February 11th, March 11th, April 22nd, May 20th

COST (Tax included)
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To secure your spot in a program you must do 2 things:
 Fill in a registration form by clicking HERE
 Pay at least a deposit of 50%, by paypal (see below) or by mailing a cheque to:

Programmes Coyote
4553 ave Draper
Montreal, Quebec
H4A 2P5

** For deposits: Payment in full is due at the latest by the 1st day of the program. 

Lastly: we will send a welcome email one week before the first day with all the details you will need for participation (e.g. directions, gear list, preparation if needed..)

Online Payment