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  • Growing sprouts is a really fun way to make dried food fresh, nutritious, and delicious! Check this video (in French) to get a basic introduction to the process. Have fun with this mini gardening activity you can do indoors right now! 🙂
  • What are you (and your family) grateful for today? Share it with us! It’s so good to know.


This is an excerpt from a New York Times article from astronaut Scott Kelly, sharing advice for being in isolation (as he was in space alone for almost a year):


Keep a journal:

NASA has been studying the effects of isolation on humans for decades, and one surprising finding they have made is the value of keeping a journal. Throughout my yearlong mission, I took the time to write about my experiences almost every day. If you find yourself just chronicling the days’ events (which, under the circumstances, might get repetitive) instead try describing what you are experiencing through your five senses or write about memories. Even if you don’t wind up writing a book based on your journal like I did, writing about your days will help put your experiences in perspective and let you look back later on what this unique time in history has meant.


Here are some suggestions for activities (in french and in english)!