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Bird Language 3 is here ! And proposes a few very practical activities that you can do to learn the birds in your area and what they are saying.
Did you like the song from last week? Stef made another version with the lyrics from the French translation of that song.
The rains are finally coming this week and will stimulate the mycelium to fruit! Click here for a scavenger hunt about the mushroom world.


How to wear a mask safely! Tips from an expert. French / English.
Cleo is doing a callout for storytellers for an upcoming storytelling podcast- have a story? check this out:



Last Night the Rain Spoke To Me

By Mary Oliver

Last night
the rain
spoke to me
slowly, saying,

what joy
to come falling
out of the brisk cloud,
to be happy again

in a new way
on the earth!
That’s what it said
as it dropped,

smelling of iron,
and vanished
like a dream of the ocean
into the branches

and the grass below.
Then it was over.
The sky cleared.
I was standing

under a tree.
The tree was a tree
with happy leaves,
and I was myself,

and there were stars in the sky
that were also themselves
at the moment,
at which moment

my right hand
was holding my left hand
which was holding the tree
which was filled with stars

and the soft rain—
imagine! imagine!
the wild and wondrous journeys
still to be ours.