March Break Day Camp

We are very excited to host our first March Break Day Camp this spring!

Youth between 4 – 12 years old will engage in nature connection activities to expand our senses, and to learn about the ecology, the flora and fauna of the park. We start and end the days all together, but participants will be separated into more age-specific groups for the majority of the day. Our ratio is 1:6 (one adult for six youth).

We will also practice survival skills related to fire, shelter, water, and food to build relationship with the land and skills of resiliency, humility and responsible adventuring in the forest.

Finally we will explore community practices like singing, storytelling, and group challenges to nourish our leadership and cooperation skills.

The week will end with a visit and lessons from a native knowledge keeper, and also some co-operative games with a day camp led by Native Montreal.

Angrignon Park

** This program has been cancelled for 2019