Friday Foxes (7 to 9 years old)

We will explore the trails and forests of Angrignon Park, learning ancient survival skills and modern naturalist knowledge, expanding our senses, following our passions and curiosities, all the while building community and connection to ourselves.

Our different groups will be together for the morning activities, opening circle and a big group game, before splitting. They will reunite at the end of the day for a game and/or a closing circle,

Some of the culture-building routines that we want to practice include:

– Sharing sincere gratitude
– Storytelling
– Setting goals in community
– Setting peace-keeping community agreements
– Opening and using all of our senses
– Practicing being quiet and observant in the forest
– Making music together
– Following our passions to the lessons they will lead us to!

Some of the activities we might dive into:

– Tarp and knot skills
– Friction fire
– Finding the tracks and signs of wildlife
– Learning how to listen for the language of birds
– Practicing being sneaky and camouflaged like animals
– Learning about and using edible and medicinal plants (and how to avoiding the dangerous ones!)
– Mapping the land
– Crafts with natural materials such as basket-making
– Navigation and lost-proofing
– Natural shelter building
– Playing awesome games inspired by nature
– … and much more!

Angrignon Park

Fridays every 2 weeks, 1pm – 4pm

Fall 2019 (7 sessions)
September 13th, 27th
October 11th, 25th
November 8th, 22th
December 6th

COST (per session)
$210, plus tax
If you need financial assistance, click here.